Why we love this game

Why do we love this great game of baseball? Simply put, because there’s no better game that’s played on earth (our humble opinion!). The smell of the freshly cut infield grass, the look of a perfectly manicured ballfield grabs your attention once you enter the ballpark or take your seat in the stands. The pop of the glove when teammates are playing catch, the crack of the bat, these are all things that we come to love about going to the ballpark.

When I was a kid (back in the 80’s), and my Dad would routinely take me out to the backyard to play catch, I would pepper him with fastballs until he cried ‘Uncle’. He said I loved the game so much that it’s all I wanted to do. Fortunately, there’s many youngsters like me today that display the same love of the game. You see this love when you go to a Little League field that is filled with kids working hard to get better, and coaches who reinforce that teamwork is the number one thing that kids playing baseball need to focus on.

I can speak for myself and thousands of players and coaches like me who have spent so much time living on the baseball field, but the true reason I love this game is that it has made me into the man I am today. Baseball taught me to compete with a group of other people for one common goal, and to compete with myself to make sure that I got better at everything that I did. Baseball taught me to learn from my failures, and to make sure that I worked extra hard on everything that I did. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but massive amounts of practice and repetition make players and people that much better at what they do on a daily basis. Because of all the time I spent on a baseball field, putting in the work, I know that whatever I do in life, I will succeed because I have played a game that is so incredibly difficult.

As the Little League World Series concluded just a short time ago with the US losing to a very strong Japanese team. The best part of the LLWS for me/ The sportsmanship that was displayed by all of the youngsters, no matter if they were winning or losing. You saw some amazing moments where pitchers were giving up long home runs and smiling in awe of how far the balls were travelling. We saw some amazing displays of how a baseball team is really a family, and how winning and losing can bring people closer together. Most of all, you saw how a massive amount of fans came out to celebrate their love for the great game of baseball.

Why do you love the game of baseball?


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