We have arrived in Denver!

And we’re pretty excited to be here. Once we got off the plane and got our bags, Henry and I both looked at our plan for the weekend. Basically, the plan involves taking in as much baseball as possible, and learning as much about Coors Field as we can.

We did have a nice perk once we got to the airport. Henry hired a Limo Service to take us from Denver International Airport to the Hyatt in Lower Downtown Denver, so we were treated to a nice mini stretch for the 40 minute ride downtown. We were driven right by Coors Field on the way, and both of us were a big giddy inside of our car seeing another ballpark for the first time. We were high-fiving at the fact that we would be watching from inside the very next day.

Our plan for tomorrow is to take a tour of Coors Field, which apparently you get to see most of the ballpark, minus the clubhouses because both teams are occupying them. But you get to see just about every part of the stadium, including stepping foot into the dugouts and onto the field for a little bit. We certainly realize that Coors Field isn’t hallowed ground by any means, but any time you get to step onto a Major League Ballfield, it can give you chills.

Until the weekend series starts, we’re going to walk around in Lower Downtown Denver, which from what we’ve heard, has many baseball themed restaurants and bars, and a lot of the former ballplayers who still live in the area hang out at these locations. Perhaps if we’re lucky we can get a glimpse and maybe even an autograph or two.

We’ll be back shortly to talk more about the weekend series at hand, and our experience at Coors Field.

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