We have arrived in Denver!

And we’re pretty excited to be here. Once we got off the plane and got our bags, Henry and I both looked at our plan for the weekend. Basically, the plan involves taking in as much baseball as possible, and learning as much about Coors Field as we can.

We did have a nice perk once we got to the airport. Henry hired a Limo Service to take us from Denver International Airport to the Hyatt in Lower Downtown Denver, so we were treated to a nice mini stretch for the 40 minute ride downtown. We were driven right by Coors Field on the way, and both of us were a big giddy inside of our car seeing another ballpark for the first time. We were high-fiving at the fact that we would be watching from inside the very next day.

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What an epic weekend in Denver

We had an absolutely phenomenal weekend in Denver watching some baseball, checking out a new ballpark, and seeing a fabulous city.

First off, the people of Denver are just amazing. So friendly, warm and welcoming, and we found people to talk to about baseball wherever we went. We frequented Sports Column bar a couple of times, as that’s where the locals told us to go before the game. We weren’t disappointed there, as they had more TV’s than you could shake a stick at, along with great food and libations. We also went to El Chapultepec, which is a little hole in the wall bar that has been around for a very long time in Denver. Most of the bars that we went to were not in Lower Downtown Denver twenty years ago, but because of the Rockies and Coors Field, many new bars have been established and are thriving. We found a few rooftop decks to hang out at and look at the scenery in Lower Downtown, which is absolutely gorgeous.

The ballpark itself is pretty awesome. I would put it in my top 5 that I have seen. There is a brand new Rooftop deck in right field that must be over a football field long. It has a couple bars, multiple lounge areas, and cabanas that you can rent if you want to entertain clients. Cabanas at a ballpark? Who knew, but these were popular. The tour of the ballpark was amazing, and we were able to see a ton of the inside out operations that happen on gameday. We unfortunately were unable to meet any of the players like we were hoping, but we did meet the owner, Charlie Monfort, so that was pretty cool.

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Now that Little League season is over

We can concentrate more of our energy on watching the big boys play! Major League Baseball is in it’s stretch run, and there’s some great pennant and wildcard races right now. If you haven’t been watching, then you should turn on some games, read up on ESPN online, or head on down to a game.

We are very fortunate to travel to some pretty awesome ballparks every year, and Friday¬†we’re going out to Denver to see the Rockies take on the Padres at Coors Field all weekend long. We’re very aware that neither of these teams are in the hunt for a division title let alone a wild card spot, but we planned this trip in advance, and we’ve heard so many people tell us that Coors Field is an amazing place to take in a ballgame.

(Photo credit to ESPN).

Had we thought about the trip with the knowledge we have now, we might have chosen to go to New York City, or somewhere else where there’s actually a pennant race going on, but Denver was our choice last year as it’s one of the 10 ballparks we have yet to take in with some of our youngsters.

From what we gather, the views and sight lines at Coors Field are absolutely amazing, and some of the best in regards to major league ballparks. We will be back talking about what we saw a little later this weekend, but apparently you can see the game from just about anywhere on the first level (from the concourse that is). The above picture isn’t current either, as there is a new Rooftop Deck in right field that takes up the entirety of what you see as the upper right field stands in the above picture. So that’s new, and we’ll be there first hand to check it out.

We’re a bit excited as we have a limo picking us up at the airport on Friday, which is something that Eric (my travel partner) has never been in! So this is going to be a special treat for him.

The summer 2015 baseball trip is here!!

Why we love this game

Why do we love this great game of baseball? Simply put, because there’s no better game that’s played on earth (our humble opinion!). The smell of the freshly cut infield grass, the look of a perfectly manicured ballfield grabs your attention once you enter the ballpark or take your seat in the stands. The pop of the glove when teammates are playing catch, the crack of the bat, these are all things that we come to love about going to the ballpark.

When I was a kid (back in the 80’s), and my Dad would routinely take me out to the backyard to play catch, I would pepper him with fastballs until he cried ‘Uncle’. He said I loved the game so much that it’s all I wanted to do. Fortunately, there’s many youngsters like me today that display the same love of the game. You see this love when you go to a Little League field that is filled with kids working hard to get better, and coaches who reinforce that teamwork is the number one thing that kids playing baseball need to focus on.

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